boy meets girl

IMG_0493IMG_0113IMG_0466IMG_0479IMG_0492 IMG_0484Boss by Hugo Boss jacket (similar here), Cotton On baseball tee, Gap boyfriend jeans, Charles David gold stilettos, thrifted vintage D&B bag, Erica Anenberg double finger snake ring (here), thrifted elephant ring and belt, gold anklet from India

It’s the mesh of boy meets girl that I most adore. This androgynous form of dress has always stuck with me. A safe sure bet this stems from childhood admiration of artists such as Aaliyah and TLC sporting baggy pants while remaining positively alluring in every possible way. Still vivid in my brain, the memories of my high school attire consisting of (what I thought to be cute) baggy cargo pants, a studded skinny belt, baby tee or tank top, and a pair of kicks. Can I just say how thankful I am that tight cap-sleeved baby tees are no longer the only option of a t-shirt! Okay, I lied…there were other options but none that a teenager like myself could afford nor value investing money in. The past aside, like that coffee shop kind of love, the mixing of masculine vs feminine keeps things fresh. Every time I discover a way to incorporate the differences, the feeling is comparable to the joy that first sip of fresh coffee brings; well in my case, tea. This outfit pretty much sums up a handful of my staple faves; my cup of tea: baseball tees, boyfriend jeans, and a good pointy heel (I’ve come to believe my feet look funny in really round-toed shoes, haha).

Oh and Philz Mint Black Tea… amazing! I swear, their black tea is really strong because I was jittery all afternoon. Let’s hope I can still get a good nights rest.

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all gold everything

IMG_0029IMG_0019IMG_0024IMG_0033IMG_0075DVF blouse, Vintage D&G jeans, Vintage Gucci Purse, Aldo shoes, thrifted belt, thrifted gold chain bracelets

Haven’t worn this blouse in a while so decided to break out this top for a night out with my old roomies! The scrunching of the waist and the sleeves are so beautiful until you blow in the wind. Did I say you? I meant me. When this blouse blows in the wind, I can’t help but look like a walking golden balloon (attractive one though, right?). Aside from that, I personally adore the big puffy sleeves and pairing it with these high waisted D&G mom jeans; it’s how I feel dressy and casual at the same time. All Gold Errthang.

The circle-shaped Gucci purse holds a dear place in my heart. It belonged to my aunt and it was her very first designer bag purchase. I’m usually not a big fan for monogram print, but the beige g’s on white blends so well and is far from being obnoxiously overt. Paired with the tan leather trim, the color, and the great condition that it’s in, I fell in love when I received this. I haven’t came across an unique shape as this and it’s perfect to fit all my little necessities when I go out at night.

Let’s take a moment to remember the amazing persons that have served so honorably for us, and our country. Happy memorial day and hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, as I did!


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a break away

photo (2)photo (1)photo (6)photo (3)photo (5)photo (4)photo

Forever 21 suede jacket, American Apparel crop tank (here), H.I.P sheer polka dot top, Mango shorts, Oscar De La Renta sunglasses, thrifted shoes, vintage D&B bucketbag

Since I didn’t partake in the bay to breakers madness this year, to avoid the traffic, we decided to break away to another part of the bay – crossing the bridge. Just our luck, we arrive with post graduation gatherings when trying to find parking and seating for brunch in Berkeley. None the less, it was a gorgeous day out. So nice and sunny, hence me tucking in my sleeves in attempt to do what I call “city tanning” aka making do of getting as much sun exposure as possible! Non-stop food exploration from brunch to ice cream, to brewskis at the homie’s and grabbing hotdogs. I tried to bring the hippie meets modern everyday casual feel with me by rocking the red biker jacket with fringes all through the back and sleeves; it was a random F21 find and I love it. Plus, the leather-weaved flats that I thrifted years ago have such a down to earth look and unfortunately are slowly breaking apart. Oh, and excuse the wrinkly shorts.. I hate when that happens. Don’t you?

xo, tfny

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chill city


Sparkle & Fade jacket, Aubin & Wills baseball sweater, Gap printed jeans, Dana Davis suede booties, Ash canvas bag

This was Friday’s lazy, wish-I-was-in-my-jammies kind of outfit. Can you tell with my hideous chipped glitter blue nail polish?  I just haven’t had enough time or the care (mainly the lather). IDGAF mentality; however, if I would just remember to pick up some jet dry top coat that might help me in this situation. Didn’t expect wearing this into the night for a casual bar crawl but it suited well with these Dana Davis booties. They’re so comfortable with cushion in the soles, perfect for walking around from Happy Hour to dancing the night away with my lovelies. Plus, we all know city weather is always so bi-polar so having this baseball sweater tee was a safe promise for the transitions from cold to windy+EXTREMELY cold.


Photography by Stephen Trinh

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you are more beautiful than you think

Such a powerful video for everyone out there.

We all lust over the pretty images of the perfect figured, sultry lip, and glistening eyed models advertised everywhere and on everything around us that we start to compare ourselves to what we feel is the “perfect image”. Rather than scrutinizing, I think we should acknowledge those lovely images but also look in the mirror and see that same beautiful light reflect amongst ourselves. There needs to be a reminder that those images that we see, they are part of someone illustrating their concept. It is THEIR vision of beauty and advertisement’s are made to be unreal; not necessarily “the look” you have to achieve. Take for instance the magazine ads of a model prancing around in a top and cute underwear. We do NOT walk around on the streets in just our underwear (well, most of us don’t with exception of halloween. and SF Pride. and EDC. Anyways, you catch my drift!) It just makes for a great photo!

Hey, I’m totally guilty for looking in the mirror some days, and all you see are flaws. I get skin irritations all the time and when allergy season hits.. boy! Is it hard to feel attractive. I think the best thing to do is, we all know we have a personal traits we do like about ourselves.. whether it is the color of our eyes, our smile, a nice rack, butt.. etc. So If you’re ever having a bad day, you should think to yourself, “hey, at least I got a nice ____!”

We are our own worst critics, especially women, and we have to remember that we are more beautiful than we think. So think beautiful!


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“do what you love”

Just some inspirational and motivational little words.

I volunteered some time a few days ago, keep in mind I just got back from Vegas the day prior and I did it anyways! (might not have been on my A game haha but hey!) I completely crashed when I got home but it was a good experience none the less because why? Volunteers are sexy.

Volunteering is sexy… We tend to become robotic to our day to day routines, heads down and absorbed into our work-life that sometimes it’s really nice to go do something different from the usual (unless you’re avid and usually volunteering, high five!). There are so many ways you lend a helping hand to someone or something in need. It’s also a great way to meet new people and learn new things and at the end of the day, you’ll feel rewarded. You’ve just made someone’s day better so go out there and find an organization or a school that might be of your interest!

Since I officially own a shirt that says YOLO, with a hashtag on it.. I will no longer poke fun of the ridiculousness. Just kidding, I still will.


what it is to “do good”

I read an interesting article last week and it really got me to step back and re-evaluate. In the past, my thoughts were – if you must – a bit extreme or naive, however you want to describe it. My feelings were: if you’re gonna do good, then actually DO GOOD. Simple as that. Don’t pretend like you care when you really don’t. Not that those feelings have changed, but I realized the complications (biggest issue is always the initial financial concerns) that companies have to face when they try to convert and “do good”.

I just want to say how appreciative I am of H&M, currently one of the leading fast fashion companies, really pushing to be more sustainable with goals to not discharge hazardous chemicals, using more natural and organic fibers, and providing better attention when auditing factories. Yes, many other companies have these goals on their “Go Green – to do list” and they should be! It’s just nice to hear a massive company like H&M really taking the wheel, cause it make me feel like they actually CARE. Though I’m sure we may have our veiwpoints, (hey, if you asked me to name a sustainable brand.. H&M wouldn’t be my answer) I really love that they’re trying to change how we perceive them. Not just for the appearance – okay, maybe – but since their previous mishaps, I’ve seen their continual strides of being more eco-friendly. I honestly really like their “conscious collection”. Plus, they have some badass waste elimination goals they want to achieve by 2020. Sounds really far away, but hey, I’m glad it’s an initiative. Rather than just testing the market on how being “eco-friendly” will appeal to customers but going beyond. I really hope their factory compliance is real.. there’s plenty of sweat and blood that goes into a cheap t-shirt but we’ll get to that another day. All in all, I’m just glad a company so big, is taking many little steps into the right direction.. I think that’s doing “good”.

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Here’s the article, READ IT:

What are your thoughts?