you are more beautiful than you think

Such a powerful video for everyone out there.

We all lust over the pretty images of the perfect figured, sultry lip, and glistening eyed models advertised everywhere and on everything around us that we start to compare ourselves to what we feel is the “perfect image”. Rather than scrutinizing, I think we should acknowledge those lovely images but also look in the mirror and see that same beautiful light reflect amongst ourselves. There needs to be a reminder that those images that we see, they are part of someone illustrating their concept. It is THEIR vision of beauty and advertisement’s are made to be unreal; not necessarily “the look” you have to achieve. Take for instance the magazine ads of a model prancing around in a top and cute underwear. We do NOT walk around on the streets in just our underwear (well, most of us don’t with exception of halloween. and SF Pride. and EDC. Anyways, you catch my drift!) It just makes for a great photo!

Hey, I’m totally guilty for looking in the mirror some days, and all you see are flaws. I get skin irritations all the time and when allergy season hits.. boy! Is it hard to feel attractive. I think the best thing to do is, we all know we have a personal traits we do like about ourselves.. whether it is the color of our eyes, our smile, a nice rack, butt.. etc. So If you’re ever having a bad day, you should think to yourself, “hey, at least I got a nice ____!”

We are our own worst critics, especially women, and we have to remember that we are more beautiful than we think. So think beautiful!


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