city gurl

IMG_1164IMG_1166 IMG_1162IMG_1180

top: Nike’s Niners jersey
skort: Zara
shoes: Converse ‘Classic

I’ve been on a numbered/jersey type tops craze as of late so in light of Sundays, I couldn’t resist throwing this on. Being a daddy’s girl, it’s a given to say, of all sports, I’ve always had the best time watching football. Too many memories took place with my dad and uncles running around the house, screaming and shouting; the energy in the room was contagious and it’s precious to my dad having a ball. I know where I get my craziness from (and looks – love mama, but I really do look like my pops, haha). As a born and raised city girl, the niners are all I know to rep, so go on with your wagon talk if you must. I’ll just address it now… love going to the games to sitting around the TV with the main men (dad and uncles) but I won’t be able to hold a conversation about sports without sounding like an idiot, unless we’re discussing their butts. I mean, really, I can only hope for my butt to look slightly as good as their in spandex. Glad I could put that out there.

Anyways, I had an incredibly busy yet lovely weekend out of town with my besties. We got back early enough for the opportunity to grab some #ootd shots with the city as the backdrop. Oh, hayyy!IMG_1153xo,tfny.

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