thelifegrubbing: seafood diet

I love food. I especially love seafood, Asian, French, Latin, Italian cuisines… darn it, basically everything. Food rules everything around me. I mean, before even creating this blog, my Instagram comprised of foodporn after foodporn shots, with a splash of pretty views and an occasion outfit of the day. So, how can this be the Lifestyling if it weren’t accompanied with the Lifegrubbing aspects. I realized if I’m going to constantly try new places to eat, why not share it with you all on here as well. It’s probably refreshing to not have to look at my silly face on here all the time, haha, so let thelifegrubbing commence:

IMG_1114IMG_1111 IMG_1113IMG_1116 IMG_1115IMG_1118
albacore belly nigiri, ahi poke salad, oysters on a half shell, 16th st roll, mommy roll, birthday mochi icecream

Ah..I can’t stare too long at these pictures before my mouth starts to water. I was in Sacramento over the weekend for a girl friend’s birthday and she had her dinner at Sapporo Grill. Nice place and seriously delicious food, you can see for yourself. I’m always on a seefood diet with seafood and any type of food; I see food, I eat it! The rolls consisted of mouth watering goodness. The 16th st roll had seared salmon, scallops, scallions and tops with lemon. Then, the mommy roll was stuffed with lobster salad, shrimp tempura, snapper and drizzled in garlic sauce. I’m not even hungry right now, but I want this meal. right. meow.

xo, tfny.

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