how to: keep it short and sweet


vintage Ann Taylor blazer, Gap waffle knit sweater, Old Navy shorts (similar), Target shoes, Louis Vuitton speedy 30 bag, H&M necklace, gold anklet from India

Let’s keep this short, pun intended. I love rocking shorts but being in SF, unless you’re ballsy and can brave the cold weather which I can’t, shorts just pile up in the dark corners of my closet. However; perfectly and magically with the welcome to summer, my shorts and legs finally get to see some sunlight! We were encouraged to wear our shorts to work so hey, don’t mind if I do. Especially with the weather being absolutely amazing… if only for two days.
Thought I’d share a few tips on


STILL DRESS LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO WORK. Rocking a blazer or good silk blouse with shorts are always a win!

CONSERVE YOUR TOP HALF – Keep the focus on one body part at a time. In this case, it’ll be your lovely legs.

WEAR APPROPRIATE SHORTS – In a conservative place, shorts are already walking a fine line so opt for shorts that don’t cling too much on your derriere. Denim can work sometimes, but if you’re not sure, sticking to dress shorts is a safe bet.

WEAR THOSE DENIM, BOOTY CUT OFFS – Please.Don’t wear any type of booty shorts to work in general!

OVERLY SEX IT UP – You’re already strutting those sexy legs so it’s not necessary to wear a strapless top or a low cut shirt. Remember that you’re at work not dressing for a night out.
(If you must, cause you’re heading to Happy Hour or dinner after: keep it classy by covering up with a blazer or cardigan and de-clothe after work)

BEND AND SNAP (Legally Blonde reference. If you don’t know, watch: here) – I know, I know.. It’s hard to resist when you accidently drop a pen but best to keep your bum in your shorts during work hours. Unless you’re trying to snag that hot coworker, that’s all on you.

This may be new for you or this may be all things you may already know. If so, take it as a good reminder. Either way, keep it short and sweet!


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cameo lover


Nordstrom top and cardigan, Gap camo chinos, Aldo heels, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, vintage silver cuff

I have my hand on my head so much here, I know you might mistaken me for having a massive headache. Thanks for the concern and nope, hardly the case. I’d like to place partial blame on the combination of the wind and my long hair, mixed with poor attempts to do something with my hands.
So once you get to know me, you’ll find that I love baggy tees and sweaters. This cardigan has bat wings and paired with the grey baggy, box tee, I gave it a little knot to create some dimension. Sadly again, the wind loves to blow me around so if you think I’m top heavy, that’s all I gotta say about that!

Ps. These Aldo pumps are ages old and my first pair of stilettos. Can you tell from the teeny tiny almost kitten heel? I’ll be honest.. I had no idea how to walk in heels then. Okay, let’s be really honest… I still can’t sometimes but that won’t stop me now! How about you? When was your first pair of stilettos and did you magically strut with them?


photography by my best friend, Marilyn

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