knot a biggie


Rubbish sheer embroidered peplum top (similar), Express boxy tee, Forever 21 distressed zipper jeans (similar), vintage belt, Zara heels, vintage classic Coach bag

I can’t believe I’m so tempted to start the post with… wait for it… “Yup, in my white tee!” (dang, just brought it back to the early 2000’s when guys swam in XXXL Tall Tees from Foot Locker) but in my case, I’m rocking the over-sized boxy tee. I wanted to remain fairly minimalistic and stuck with neutrals – white, black and hints of gold… and my blue nail polish. Excuse that, haha. Decided to give this big ol’ shirt a little knot to expose some of the sheer peplum top that I paired underneath to give some texture. With all the gold hardware, it was only proper to complete the mini gold message with the gold heeled sandals. Thanks to my cousin for passing off these Zara heels to me because they’re definitely an attention grabber. Well, it’s either that or the fact that the ankle strap it a bit too high so it makes walking slightly difficult so, in all actuality, I could just be strutting like a running camel. Enjoy that lovely imagery, and I’ll leave you all with that, haha!

xo, tfny.

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all gold everything

IMG_0029IMG_0019IMG_0024IMG_0033IMG_0075DVF blouse, Vintage D&G jeans, Vintage Gucci Purse, Aldo shoes, thrifted belt, thrifted gold chain bracelets

Haven’t worn this blouse in a while so decided to break out this top for a night out with my old roomies! The scrunching of the waist and the sleeves are so beautiful until you blow in the wind. Did I say you? I meant me. When this blouse blows in the wind, I can’t help but look like a walking golden balloon (attractive one though, right?). Aside from that, I personally adore the big puffy sleeves and pairing it with these high waisted D&G mom jeans; it’s how I feel dressy and casual at the same time. All Gold Errthang.

The circle-shaped Gucci purse holds a dear place in my heart. It belonged to my aunt and it was her very first designer bag purchase. I’m usually not a big fan for monogram print, but the beige g’s on white blends so well and is far from being obnoxiously overt. Paired with the tan leather trim, the color, and the great condition that it’s in, I fell in love when I received this. I haven’t came across an unique shape as this and it’s perfect to fit all my little necessities when I go out at night.

Let’s take a moment to remember the amazing persons that have served so honorably for us, and our country. Happy memorial day and hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, as I did!


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