thelifegrubbing: berkeley bites

IMG_5199 IMG_5200IMG_5197 IMG_5201IMG_5191 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_5228A composition of what made my week.

Sundays are my fun days; their my favorite days along with Fridays and Saturdays. I assume that goes the same for most people. To do it right, I ended last week by going on a pretty yet long hike to then stroll around Berkeley for lots, I mean lots, of bites with my friend. Nothing like ending a good workout with gourmet potato puffs and white truffle fries at Gregoire. SRSLY. It didn’t stop there because it’s only proper to wash it down with some Philz Coffee. We then sat down at this cute sushi spot, Joshu-ya, and filled our bellies with yummy tuna and salmon rolls, uni, and ama-ebi! Wait, one can’t simply forget about dessert. I can’t even describe how much I loved Ici’s handmade organic scoops of heaven, I mean, sorbets. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard and mention that the harvest moon was sitting full, big, and low this week. What a lovely site while jogging to dinner mid-week that I had to snap a shot. Is it just me or whenever I think these tall electrical wires, this song pops up in my head, “Through the fire, through whatever come what may. For a chance at loving you, I’d take it all away. Right down through the wire, even through the fire”. Okay, signing off with the throwback Kanye before I start rambling even more.


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ready. set. goal

IMG_1083 IMG_1089

I suppose if it’s announced publicly, it must become a commitment! Over Labor Day weekend, the girls and I painted the city of angels red. We reveled at a pool party, which prior to baring into bikinis, I decided to feast like a king because: 1. I normally do and 2. I wanted to be able to last through the night. Sadly, it was quite inevitable after feeling bloated as a whale to stray from that self esteem, especially with a pool filled with coke-bottled, perfect-figured sharks swimming around. Pause. Nobody’s perfect. Before going about the “stfu, you’re skinny”, this IS a skinny girl rant because that is exactly the problem. I don’t want to be viewed as skinny, I want to be fit! They are two completely different concepts and I have a ways to go. As I speak for myself, I am nearly shapeless; if I stood next to Spongebob Squarepants, it will be difficult to tell us apart aside from his charming good looks.

The issue with my body type is that I am an apple where all my food ends up being stored around my abdominal, which is the hardest area to burn. Frankly, its triple times more difficult because I love food so much that the thought of a strict diet… Well, its not even thought. After scoping out the various body types by the poolside, I’ve decided I really need to put my foot, er.. fork, down.

Currently, I’m only working out enough to maintain. I know without ever changing my diet (or the excessive amount I eat), it’s going to take a lifetime before I see real results. Here, my goal comes in: it’s time to put more thought to eating cleaner and scheduling time to exercise more. No more cheat weeks; it has to remain a cheat day, as in one not five. This state of mind doesn’t spring because I think I am “fat”, rather I want to be healthy. I don’t want to start panting excessively when I speed walk up hills. I want to see some definition in my arms, abs, and let’s just throw in a bubble butt while we’re at it. Wimpy as it sounds, I want to be able to do a proper pull up without chair assistant, aside from reaching the bar, because at this point, simply dangling myself on the bar might not be the cutest look.

I’m not trying to do a disappearing act with myself, more so, I hope to start selling you tickets to the gun show. Kidding. Before I go over my head, I will give myself until my birthday, a full two months, to really push myself out of my comfort zone (being lazy). I’m not trying to be a body builder, I’ll be ecstatic with half the strength of one. So here’s to the extra sets of burpees, incorporating more weights, staying away from eating multiple cookies in one sitting and running that extra mile.


Whether reading this motivates you to try to reach or push harder in your personal health goals or if you think this is petty, it’s absolutely fine. As long as I’m able to entertain a positive thought and promote even the littlest growth, we can be in this together. Let’s get it!

xo, tfny.

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datum amore. ad defendendum

Zara dress, Marc Jacobs bracelet, Vera Bradley wallet, Target booties, Marc Jacobs glasses (holding in hand)

Given in love. To defend. Given in love for protection. Whatever the translation on this Latin phrase may be on my bracelet, it is of that gist. The word “love”, thrown around so loosely yet the display and actions of love seem a bit harder to come by when watching the news or simply walking to work. But, I believe it’s still there and it’s all around, even if its hidden in the nooks and crannies. I’m a hopeless romantic. Just because I’m not currently in a relationship, it doesn’t mean all of a sudden I’m cynical. No way, we still have our relationships with so much more; love, to me is beyond just two people. It’s with family, friends, the self, strangers, across nations, and for everything.

What I meant with needing more love in the world is a friendly reminder to do a good deed for someone that you owe nothing to; it’s as simple as a gentle smile. If you’re having a lousy day, wouldn’t you want something randomly sweet to happen to turn that frown upside down? Well, I’m sure at least five other people around the world are feeling the same exact way. Anyways, some food for thought. Have a good day : )

xo, tfny.

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M.I.A’s leaked documentary

Epitome of PROVOCATIVE and CONTROVERSIAL. I have loved her from the start, so you can say I’m obsessed. Always loved her for her fashion sense, creative music videos, crazy website, to the sound of her music and the content of her lyrics.

I’ve gotten comments from people who think her music was weird with “what is that”, “what are you listening to”… until Paper Planes came out and when she performed at the Superbowl. It then transcended to “Oh.. M.I.A, I know her! I like her!” so I’m glad that’s the spirit. She says things not many artist would! She opens up the can of worms, and brings topics into discussion ie. Politics. One of the most complicated subject for anyone to agree upon.

I’m not here to talk about parties (unless you mean a cocktail party) but I do love hearing opinions and being able to show people different sides to a story; playing devil’s advocate if you will. M.I.A for an average girl like me (and this may start to sound like adoring rant), stimulates the brain – thoughts of third world conditions, where on a given day, may not even be considered and frankly, that’s the shhhh… I like!

Watch the leaked documentary and see why I’ve dedicated this post all of her. Hats off to someone who has the balls to flick off national TV (superbowl), bring awareness regarding terrorism, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and sex trade in China! You don’t have to understand it; just have a open mind! That’s what life is about, exploring and experiencing different things. Don’t go m.i.a. (missing in action), watch M.I.A.

xo, tfny.

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you are more beautiful than you think

Such a powerful video for everyone out there.

We all lust over the pretty images of the perfect figured, sultry lip, and glistening eyed models advertised everywhere and on everything around us that we start to compare ourselves to what we feel is the “perfect image”. Rather than scrutinizing, I think we should acknowledge those lovely images but also look in the mirror and see that same beautiful light reflect amongst ourselves. There needs to be a reminder that those images that we see, they are part of someone illustrating their concept. It is THEIR vision of beauty and advertisement’s are made to be unreal; not necessarily “the look” you have to achieve. Take for instance the magazine ads of a model prancing around in a top and cute underwear. We do NOT walk around on the streets in just our underwear (well, most of us don’t with exception of halloween. and SF Pride. and EDC. Anyways, you catch my drift!) It just makes for a great photo!

Hey, I’m totally guilty for looking in the mirror some days, and all you see are flaws. I get skin irritations all the time and when allergy season hits.. boy! Is it hard to feel attractive. I think the best thing to do is, we all know we have a personal traits we do like about ourselves.. whether it is the color of our eyes, our smile, a nice rack, butt.. etc. So If you’re ever having a bad day, you should think to yourself, “hey, at least I got a nice ____!”

We are our own worst critics, especially women, and we have to remember that we are more beautiful than we think. So think beautiful!


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“do what you love”

Just some inspirational and motivational little words.

I volunteered some time a few days ago, keep in mind I just got back from Vegas the day prior and I did it anyways! (might not have been on my A game haha but hey!) I completely crashed when I got home but it was a good experience none the less because why? Volunteers are sexy.

Volunteering is sexy… We tend to become robotic to our day to day routines, heads down and absorbed into our work-life that sometimes it’s really nice to go do something different from the usual (unless you’re avid and usually volunteering, high five!). There are so many ways you lend a helping hand to someone or something in need. It’s also a great way to meet new people and learn new things and at the end of the day, you’ll feel rewarded. You’ve just made someone’s day better so go out there and find an organization or a school that might be of your interest!

Since I officially own a shirt that says YOLO, with a hashtag on it.. I will no longer poke fun of the ridiculousness. Just kidding, I still will.