dear summer, please stay

BC Photography_Tiffany Blog Shoot_0030BC Photography_Tiffany Blog Shoot_0035
bikini top: H&M
bikini bottom: ASOS
cardigan: Supertrash
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Foxy’

Since we stayed at a Sunset Blvd Hotel whilst in Hollywood, veritably more of a motel, it kept to a old, semi-shabby yet modern vibe. It was modest and sort of cute; I wanted to play around in the vicinity. Here are a few shots where I paired my high-waist bikini with this silky floral cardigan. Can Summer please stay, just for a few more months? With all these wildfires, I know we’re in dire need of some rain but I can’t help selfishly wishing for Mr. Sun to outshine Karl the fog and the Rain man. I haven’t scored enough sun-bathing time to even out my funky tan lines. Though Fall is my favorite season to dress for, I much rather dip my feet into the pool than have to wear a Snuggie and defrost by the heater. What’s your favorite season? Feeling ready for the transition into Fall?BC Photography_Tiffany Blog Shoot_0002Photos by: Brian Cuasito Photography


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IMG_0405 copy IMG_0404

BCBG top, Gap printed jeans

My mentality: maybe if I started wearing more summery prints, the sun will come out and we’ll have our summer before the season ends. Okay, we can nix the wishful thinking but a girl can remain hopeful. You know, you never tell a believer to give up.

Couldn’t help but wear this top all weekend. The deep cut-out in the front and back kept it playful enough for me to slip on jeans and heels; easy peasy for the night out in town. That’s the shxt I like.

xo, tfny.

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