goodliving: boost your immunity

Achoo! Bless you, you, and you. We all know everyone and their mamas, papas, cats and dogs – you name it – we’re all getting sick! I had to deal with a gnarly cough for about a month and ended up on antibiotics. If you know me, I rarely hop on drugs for a quick fix.

So to hopefully help some of you dodge this crazy cold, here are a few natural, easy tips you can give a try:

R&R – RELAX & REST. Many of us are always busy. We’re workaholics. We’re party animals, and amidst it all, is the importance of finding that quiet time to get a good night’s rest. That’s the hard part – finding that balance. Without good rest, your body wears out, grows fatigued; that is when you’re more susceptible to getting sick. As much as we’d all want to run off caffeine and live like the energizer bunny, we’re only human; we need rest to re-charge our body.

ECHINACEA. So I kind of, sort of, swear by this. This herb has helped me conquer minor colds to fevers. Best of all, it has helped my friends bounce back from feeling under the weather at a much quicker rate (especially my best friend, who used to always – I mean always – be sick). I use echinacea when I notice onset signs of a cold, or at the early stage of when I’m actually sick. Echinacea makes symptoms less severe. It should not be taken as a daily supplement because you won’t allow your body to build it’s own immunity.

ZINC. This mineral increases the production of white blood cells that help fight infection. I’m no doctor but I do recall my own doctor telling me this isn’t something you have to take everyday. It’s not recommended to have too much zinc in your body though it is still essential. It is a metal, so use sparingly and it is beneficial to our health. I normally only take zinc when I notice the early signs of feeling sick.

GARLIC. Not only does garlic add a wonderful kick to foods (mm.. garlic fries), it’s fresh cloves are packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. So get to eating more of this stinking rose, because it’s also good for your heart.

Stay healthy folks and if you’re one of the many not feeling well, I wish you a speedy recovery!

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