M.I.A’s leaked documentary

Epitome of PROVOCATIVE and CONTROVERSIAL. I have loved her from the start, so you can say I’m obsessed. Always loved her for her fashion sense, creative music videos, crazy website, to the sound of her music and the content of her lyrics.

I’ve gotten comments from people who think her music was weird with “what is that”, “what are you listening to”… until Paper Planes came out and when she performed at the Superbowl. It then transcended to “Oh.. M.I.A, I know her! I like her!” so I’m glad that’s the spirit. She says things not many artist would! She opens up the can of worms, and brings topics into discussion ie. Politics. One of the most complicated subject for anyone to agree upon.

I’m not here to talk about parties (unless you mean a cocktail party) but I do love hearing opinions and being able to show people different sides to a story; playing devil’s advocate if you will. M.I.A for an average girl like me (and this may start to sound like adoring rant), stimulates the brain – thoughts of third world conditions, where on a given day, may not even be considered and frankly, that’s the shhhh… I like!

Watch the leaked documentary and see why I’ve dedicated this post all of her. Hats off to someone who has the balls to flick off national TV (superbowl), bring awareness regarding terrorism, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and sex trade in China! You don’t have to understand it; just have a open mind! That’s what life is about, exploring and experiencing different things. Don’t go m.i.a. (missing in action), watch M.I.A.

xo, tfny.

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